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Enthusiastic about coffee, we have made it our mission to market Brazilian speciality coffees directly in Europe to improve overall quality, transparency and fairness. Luis' family has been growing coffee (specialities, fine-cup, commercial) on a total of 5 farms in the Mogiana region since 2003 and maintains close contact with many farmers in the region. Often labelled as the country of origin for mass-produced coffee, Brazil has excellent coffees that deserve to enchant coffee connoisseurs worldwide.

What drives us


Ocafi is dedicated to exclusively transparent and traceable practices. Understand the price of your coffee beyond FOB, discover what farmers are paid at farmgate, and where costs are created on each coffee's journey. Help us develop an ecosystem, committing together towards the socio-cultural development of the community. Through leaner supply chains, we aim to establish fairer practices in the cultivation and trade of coffee. Let us share the importance of honest, transparent, and high-quality coffee with every single consumer.


Our Lab is a creative space used for quality control and innovation. Today, only excellent coffees yield profits for farmers. Pre-harvest sampling plays a crucial role in improving each coffee's ultimate character. Testing coffee fruits earlier and more thoroughly as well as directly on the farms, makes processing decisions more manageable and profitable. Our Lab is a space for learning, teaching, brainstorming, benchmarking, and analysing. Most importantly, it is a place that connects people. Through channelling consumer demands into direct actions on the farms, we can help modulate the coffee cherries to achieve specific taste profiles. 


Today, coffee is rarely produced equitably and sustainably. For many years, it was perceived solely as a traded commodity – let us work together to change that. We need to understand coffee as a fruit, a living product. Let us develop an ecosystem that is more efficient and transparent. Building leaner supply chains provides fairer pay for farmers, thereby setting incentives for better practices at the origin. We offer directly traded coffee from our signature and partner farms – which is why each bean tells its own unique story, reflected in the taste of the cup.

Luis Paulo Guardabaxo


São José do Rio Pardo

Luis came into contact with the subject of coffee at an early age and developed a strong passion. Today he manages one of the family's five farms and is consistently interested in improving quality and transparency in coffee growing and trading.

Niklas Kügler


Freiburg im Breisgau

A great fan of fantastic coffee, he developed a concept together with Luis to further improve Brazilian coffee and provide Brazilian speciality coffees to a larger platform more transparently and sustainably.

The Team