Fazenda Matão



Marco A. Guardabaxo




Mococa, SP


850 - 1100 m.a.s.l.


April - June


Acaia, Mundo Noo,
Catuai, Catucai


Natural, Honey, Pulped Natural


5 families - total of 22 people


130 ha

Number of trees


The Fazenda

Owned by Marco Antonio Guardabaxo, Fazenda Matão is located in the hills of Mococa, a municipality in the Mogiana region in the northern part of São Paulo state, with altitudes between 810 to 860 m.a.s.l. Its flat terrain that allows for mechanization and the favorable climate present in this part of Brazil are the factors that makes the region one of best areas for coffee production in the world. 


Since 2003, Marco started to put in practice his knowledge in agronomy after years in another industry and the farm has undergone a process of extensive renovation and extension, now offering six different varieties of coffees, the farms Obatã pulped natural can be understood as the farm’s signature coffee. This variety is a typical late harvest coffee, which happens in late july, while the most other happens in end of may, entire june and beginning of july. 


After the harvest, the beans sits 3 days in the yard, then goes through another 40 hours in the dryer. Finally, it is ready for a 20-days rest in the wooden tanks. Embodying apparent characteristics of caramel and chocolate, it makes an excellent candidate for a medium roast profile.

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